Thursday, December 4, 2008

Starting My Locs...maybe

Sorry people! I haven't been updating this blog as much as I'd like, no phone, internet or cable in the apartment so I have to get in where I fit in, which means doing most of my posts (w/ no pics or vids) from my work computer. But soon and very soon, things will be back to normal!

So I went home (Rochester, NY) for Thanksgiving to spend time with fam and friends. When I arrived to Buffalo (where I flew into) I had an afro. I will try my best to post a pic up! Later on that night, in Rochester, I decided to do my fingercoil style (which the vids are below). I truly feel that this set of fingercoils definitely came out better than the first time.

1. Because my hair has grown and gotten thicker
2. The back of my hair isn't as straight as it used to be which meant that my coils would stay in longer.

So now it's been a week and one day and I'm still getting rave reviews on my hair. The only time that I've been able to have 2+ days of a hairstyle with my natural hair, as 'short' as it is, is when I'd have my bantu knots in (vid for that coming soon).

So you're probably wondering, "What does this have to do with you starting locs?"

Good question! Now I've been through the loc journey before but I became very impatient and wanted quick results, knowing DAMN WELL! that growing locs is a process. Now like I said these coils have been in for about a week and a half and by this wednesday i could basically do a retwist, and my 'do will be fresh 2 def!

So I guess my thought, feeling or question is whether I should attempt this journey again, as much as I'd like to. But I'm afraid that I may become bored with my hair, like I always do. But I guess I've done good so far since I'm going on a week and a half with this 'do. I guess I'll just do what I've been doing and not think about it, cause if I do, I'll never complete my loc journey.

I'll keep you guys posted about every 2 weeks or so (maybe longer) and let you know my verdict. I'll post pics weekly though!!!! This no internet could actually help in my youtube hiatus also! Maybe by the next time I post a vid I'll be budding!!! lol

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fingercoiling pt. 1&2

So I wanted to try something new with my hair and decided to try 'fingercoiling' or what some may call defining your curls. But because my hair is so thick and coarse, it's not that easy for me to define my curls but just putting some type of product in it and brushing it through with my Denman brush (which I am IN LOVE with, btw). So these are 2 vids that I posted on my youtube channel: If you don't ever feel like checking out my channel...don't worry I'll be posting the vids on here also! (LAZY FOLKS...LOL)



Products I Have Used/Currently Using

I haven't really started my natural journey blog but as a first step I just wanna share with you all what I've been using in my hair, old and new! I hope this helps some of you