Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Nobody Said It Was Easy.....

you know people with locs always tell you how it is now that their locs are fully mature, long, and luscious...but there are very few that will tell you the nit and grit of the journey. then you have some that say things like, 'oh I loved when my locs were your length (short)' but to you (the one with the short locs...lol) this seems like the hardest stage.

no matter what stage you are in before your locs are fully mature i feel that your locs have a mind of its own! i wake up in the morning, thinking that wearing my satin scarf and bonnet would help lay my locs down, they are every which way. at one point it's like they molded themselves into a side mohawk!

it's like my frustrations are almost EVERYDAY!!! i even combed out one of my locs cause i missed my hair in its natural form. it was beautiful, it was coily!!! and i almost contemplated combing out the rest of them. but just twisted it back. even today before posting the video below, i was FED UP!!! but then I jump back to reality and especially after retwisting my hair, I feel a lot better, I feel whole again!

this makes me ask myself why am I growing locs in the first place? not in a way that answering this question will let me know whether or not I should comb them out, but reassurance in myself in knowing why I am embarking on this journey. so I pose a question to you natural hair and loc wearers:

Why are you embarking on your own natural hair or loc journey?


hotredsly said...

wow girl!!f you need to think about it so hard maybe it is not for you.When I decided to lock my hair it was a done deal,nothing or no one could change my mind and believe me everyone around me did try.It have to be something that you really want to do and feel lead to do because it is a journey that will have you defending your choice to lock your hair almost everyday.I love every part of my journey(really) because i learned to be patient with myself and to love me nappy and all.
Good luck and I would say take the time to be sure this is what you really want.

EmberRose said...

I'm locking my hair because I want to see what my hair can do. I'm ready for something different and I'm ready for something that after a point I can just let go.

Anonymous said...

I can relate to your frustrations totally. It seemed like each one of my locs, had its own agenda - and NONE of their agendas matched the others... lol! I think it's normal to feel the way you feel. I felt that way too... no big deal. Each person's journey is unique, so some people didn't have it rough in the beginning. I did, because it was so different from what I was used to with my short natural. Thanks for posting this. It helps newbies like me, feel normal. All the best! Stacie in Houston